Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Azul launches 48-core processor

While AMD and Intel are struggling with their dual (and soon-to-be quad) core CPUs, other companies raise the multi-core CPU idea to extremely higher levels.

Azul just created the second version of their multi-core CPU. It contains no less than 48 cores, working in full 64bit, each core cache-coherent AKA fully independent. This allows the company to build systems with 768 cores (!), taking up a total of only 11U of rack space! (1U is about 5cm high)

Their main target is virtual-machine based applications, since the sheer amount of cores can handle an enormous number of VMs running together.

48 cores per CPU! Suddenly everything feels slow in the desktop arena!

Source: http://www.techworld.com/opsys/news/index.cfm?NewsID=5656

Monday, March 27, 2006

VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge

Are you up for the challenge of creating the industry’s most innovative virtual appliance? VMware invites you to put your skills to the test, go head-to-head with your peers, and develop the best virtual appliance the industry has ever seen. Using open source or freely distributable components and/or your own code, create the most inventive and useful virtual appliance and win the $100,000 first prize! The Challenge is open to anyone worldwide and will be judged by a panel of industry experts with input from the community.

Why the Challenge? VMware's customers are building valuable virtual appliances to solve a variety of IT problems. The Challenge will make those appliances available to the whole community while rewarding their creators with cash and recognition. Register today!

Cool eh?

Virtualization seems to be gaining much support lately. I wouldn't blame it though since its the best way to develop stuff on a hardware independent platform, that can be moved from one PC to another, rolled back to any desired snapshot and generally make your life really better.

VMware seems to understand this trend and this challenge is a really good way for it to promote itself (considering the strong competition it's facing lately).

I think I'll give it a go :D

Friday, March 24, 2006

ajaxLaunch - ajaxWrite!

Its here and its amazing! M$-compatible word processor that runs entirely in your web browser!

No dependencies, no downloads & installations, no nothing! Part of a new office suite, based on AJAX Web technologies, ajaxWrite gives you the ability to edit documents in a javascript supporting Internet Browser, preferably Firefox.

Its not Open Office, but its free as well and it loads in a few seconds - no installation required. Ofcourse other companies are preparing similar ajax applications, like Google or M$, however this one beat them to it and you can be sure Office Live won't be free ;)

The people behind ajaxWrite plan on releasing one ajax app per week. Check back here or straight at www.ajaxlaunch.com for the latest news regarding this amazing office suite!

You can have a look @ ajaxWrite by clicking here.

Found a bug? Sweet! Pay up 35$ to report it!

A poor guy finds a bug in M$ Outlook Express. He decides to report it at M$...

He can only do it over the phone or through snail-mail since there is no way to report bugs in M$' website!

What he doesn't know is that he needs to pay 35$ to report the bug!!! Plus he won't be getting his money back if the M$ people decide its not a bug.

What year are we living in again? .....

Source: http://weblog.timaltman.com/node/834

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Multi-touch screens!

I just watched an amazing video on new touch-screen technologies.

I have to admit, it was incredible! It reminds me of the monitor Tom Cruise had in Minority Report!

Can't wait for it to hit the market =) Rumors say the technology is licensed by Apple :)

Check out the video here (or visit the link above):

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Find and distinguish binary, text or special files in a zap

Ever had the need to find all binary files in a folder? Or perhaps all text files but not any binary ones?

Well, I once needed to do that and I realized there is no sane utility that can do that.

So I created this little script called "filetype". It uses "test" to distinguish the basic types of files (normal files, directories, special files). Then it runs a simple "grep 0" (thats a zero) on all normal files. Grep kindly responds with a "Binary file matches" when the file is binary. This little hack allows me to filter files as needed :)

You can get the script by clicking here. (if you have trouble saving it, right click on the link and select "Save Link As...").

Hopefully You'll find it as useful as I did :)

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